Our superior 2-in-1 fat burning pre-workout formula is designed to incinerate fat and help you to perform at your best!

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Heroic Muscle introduces ERUPTION! Eruption is our superior fat-burning pre-workout product. We have hand-crafted this fat-incinerating, energy-catapulting formula to launch your workouts to the next level and reach beyond your goals.


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Took the pre-workout today and gotta say it was awesome. The flavor was amazing not too strong and didn’t taste like I was drinking a pre-workout. When training I could really feel the pump and felt strong as hell and felt like I had better stamina. Even after the weights, I ran a mile n a half on the treadmill and I don’t feel tired or out of it right now even and that was like an hour ago

Kade Kennedy

You need to release that stuff pronto!!! Amazing supplement. I'm being serious. Shoulders today and that was one of the best shoulders days I've had in forever! Once it kicked in I literally didn't want to leave the gym.

Steve Cowden

All the flavors are all great. I love how quick & effective the pre-workout is. Even after my workout, my energy level continues throughout the day which is an added bonus. I truly love it! 

Misty Provazek

I think the flavor is great! Especially the strawberry and the sherbet flavors. My top 2.... pre-workout has a great thermogenic effect and continues post workout. Stimulant is mid-range effect, could be a little stronger. No jitters and no nausea effect so that is a plus as well.

Jessica Perales

Juan tu producto,me encanto !!! En cuanto al sabor está súper riquísimo . Me dio la energía necesaria para mi entrenamiento y me encanto no sentir el típico bajón q sientes con otros productos para la energía y si al mismo tiempo me va a ayudar a quemar grasa es fantástico!

Ericka Ayala

 Flavor was on point, and I could notice I was more focused during the workout. I didn’t get any jitters but I could feel the extra energy and defiantly felt the thermogenesis effects. Pump was awesome too

Parker Wodskow

I’m very sensitive towards caffeine so I was kinda nervous but honestly it made me feel good. I got the pump I wanted without the shaky feeling and made me sweat a lot. It’s a great thermogenic! 

Marissa Garcia

The taste was great and it made me tingle especially in my hands. The high didn’t hit me hard like a truck like other pre-workouts but it still hit me good. I would take it again!

Joey Rodriguez

Omg!!! I’m getting some weird gym high from this!! I finally did a pull up all on my own! I want more!

Naina Prasla

Juan your pre-workout is the real deal. I didn’t have a good day as far as eating but I was able to push through my workout. Plus enhanced my mood!

Eliza Sosa

I had taken Eruption on Thursday because I planned on working out. I don’t know what’s in that for focus but it’s amazing for me!!!!  Gives me focus that my ADD medication doesn’t and doesn’t make me anxious! Wish I could take it everyday!!! After I left on Monday (after working out) I got another good 3 hours of great focus and energy!

Toni Kennedy

This pre-workout is sooo good! It gave me a good boost of energy (without the jittery feeling) to start my workout and I didn’t feel like I was struggling to finish. It also tastes really yummy!

Hanna Morley

Great flavors and quality ingredients come together for a great pre-workout!!!

Brandon Dickerson

It’s awesome! I had a crazy pump on my second set, energy I got was amazing! Flavor was good too. Definitely a winner! I am a pre-workout junkie and I can say this is one the best ones I’ve tried in a long time.

Moises Vasquez

Not only are the flavors great but it actually does what it’s supposed to do without any weird side effects. 10/10 highly recommend!

Stephanie Lopez

Eruption is definitely next level. I’ve had some amazing workouts taking this beforehand. Typically I’ll buy a pre-workout once and then try another and another. This time I’ll be purchasing eruption and that’s a first!

Tren Vann

Great taste, gets the blood flowing, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (in the best way) AND got me amped up for my workout!

Jennifer Lopez

I have always disliked all drink mixes mostly because of the taste...however when I tried Eruption for the first time I couldn’t believe how good it gave me more energy, sweated more and I also noticed later on it curbed my appetite a bit.

Christy Gaia

I’ve never liked the way pre-workouts make me feel but that changed when I tried Eruption. When I take it I get hours of sustained energy to do my regular 30 minutes of stairmaster directly after training legs, which has never happened before! I love Eruption and never want to train without it!

Amy Wang

I love the flavor of Eruption! I immediately felt fired up for my workout, I noticed my body was pumped to take on heavier weight, more reps and I even did MORE cardio. I’m excited to take it again!

Raeshelle Burrow

I wasn’t a fan of pre-workouts until I tried Eruption! The taste and energy boost I get has been game changer for me!

Aliza Cavazos

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